"Like cooking, Deep learning is an art with some boundaries. Learning the boundaries is essential to develop working solutions and, ultimately, push them for novel creations.

Dr. Chitta Ranjan, Author of Understanding Deep Learning | Director of Science at ProcessMiner, Inc.

"Insights learned from cooking rice that helped me as a machine learning researcher."

Dr. Elvis S., Facebook AI | Founder, NLP Research Scientist, Lead Editor @ dair.ai

Our Principles

The dishes below are made by AiCHEF Club members.


An AI problem has several solutions. Among them, a few are extraordinary. We develop such extraordinary solutions that stands out with their exceptional results.

Just like how a Chef worked hard to make this Anari Koftaskeeping the inside fresh while roasting the outer crust.


Novelty solves a difficulty. Kalakand, an Indian dessert, is an epitome of a novel creation in a difficult situation. This dish was created when milk unexpectedly split while solidifying. The Chef kept cooking to ultimately make Kalakand which is creamy outside, grainy inside, and has a caramelized crust.

Similarly, most AI problems have unexpected challenges. But we keep going. We innovate to solve the problem.


Complex solutions to complex problems lead to nowhere. Instead, AI solutions made of simple elements are robust and scalable. But making them is not easy. It takes an end-to-end understanding like a Chef.

Think of a pizza made of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. One could marinate the toppings, flavor the cheese, multi-flavor the sauce, and stuff the crust. But a chef does not do that because such complex elements do not come together to make an exquisite pizza.